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  • Hi!

    Just thought you might be interested to know that the latest Espruino builds now have tab-completion on the left-hand side.

    If you type di then [tab] it'll autocomplete to digital and will show you digitalPulse, digitalWrite and digitalRead. You can then just type W [tab] and it'll autocomplete to digitalWrite.

    Same happens with simple a.b type things. For instance Ma [tab] . ra [tab] will give you Math.random.

    It's not perfect yet, but is still pretty handy and will hopefully make writing code on the left-hand side a bit more fun.

  • errata: missed the ...left-hand... side... original post below is right-hand side oriented and has already tool tip in addition to some autocompleteion.

    For console entry autocompletion with tab is just fine, because it is like the linux terminal autocompletion...


    I'm not sure if using tab is a good ide in an editor to trigger autocomplete... since tab means something... May be I do not undertand complely, but I really dislike the time of autocompletion that take more work to not to complete than having to type all. A ctlr or command blank makes more sense to me.... but it may be only beause I'm used to it.

    One can though justify tab as an autocomplete, because once a line is started with a character - at the proper (with tab) indented position, tabs do not matter anymore and canc be use for autocompletion...

  • I'd rather the autocomplete on the right-hand side. Does anyone write anything non-trivial in the left side?

  • Honestly. No pleasing some people :)

    I tend to use the left hand side quite a bit anyway, if only for calling process.memory() and so on.

    There's been autocomplete in the right-hand side for ages. It's good too, as it knows about the type of your variables. Just use Ctrl-Space, which seems to be pretty much the standard shortcut for it.

    There are other interesting shortcuts too - just look on the first page of 'Settings'.

  • Not just for pleasing people... if the autcomplete does not just include the built in things but also the globals (vaiables, functions) of the user code, that would be cool... @Gordon, you have that most likely already in mind... ;-)

  • if the autcomplete does not just include the built in things but also the globals (vaiables, functions) of the user code

    Yes, it does that already... on both sides.

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Tab Autocomplete

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