Espruino Travis builds

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  • We've been using Travis CI to check builds for a while, and it struck me that it's doing all this work building binaries, and we're not using them.

    I just uploaded a script that now copies them to -­?C=M;O=D.

    So now you get up to date builds for a bunch of common boards, all done automatically. Let me know if I've missed anything obvious.

    @Kolban @tve this could potentially handle automatic ESP8266 builds too - you'd just have to change the script such that it could drag in the correct compiler.

  • @Gordon ... If you or someone can own the "Travis CI" skills, I'll certainly be willing to own the compilation process of the ESP8266. I'm very keen on the community having folks who are specialists in areas ... for example ... ive never used Travis and don't want to learn it when someone else in the community might already have those skills. So this is where we can partner together.

    I can certainly provide either a Linux or Windows set of compilers but there will also need to be libraries and tools. Where does "Travis" run? What kind of environment control might we have over it?

  • It's just run on some random VMs somewhere running Linux (I have no idea how they can afford to do it!).

    Yes, I think it's probably better to have someone who has used Travis look into it. Looks like it might be best to package everything that's needed for the build up into a zip file, and have the script download it. Rebuilding the SDK each time would just be painful.

  • Just from looking at their site I assume the VMs are provide by Heroku as Heroku use their service and you can deploy directly to Heroku. Just a hunch (I'd never heard of Travis CI before, sounds good though).

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Espruino Travis builds

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