Module for Winbond W25Q SPI flash memory

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  • Definitely happy to see it added to Espruino! :-) Also, I added documentation that Dennis could pull in first that should make it easier to use.­q

  • Looks great - thanks. I'll pull that in.

  • Am I right in thinking that this works for W25X as well as W25Q? W25Q seems to offer QSPI as well, which isn't used here.

    If so I might just rename the module to W25

  • You could name it W25 and have a list of devices that it has been confirmed to work with. I'm currently busy overseas and cannot contribute much, but I can continue to approve pull requests when they look alright. Thank you for these valuable contributions!

  • Here you go - it's now online :) - thanks!

    If anyone gets a moment to mention the chips they're using it with that'd be great - even if it's just on this post I can update that page (or GitHub on­/blob/master/devices/

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Module for Winbond W25Q SPI flash memory

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