Nokia 5110 not working

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  • I am having similar problems like in this post here­267085/#comment12267999

    If I fire this code here the display turns on but doesn't display hello world.

    Also if i try this tutorial nothing works in the display­

    Any ideas as to what i am doing wrong.

    A5.write(0); // GND
    A7.write(1); // VCC
    // Setup SPI
    var spi = new SPI();
    spi.setup({ sck:B1, mosi:B10 });
    // Initialise the LCD
    var g = require("PCD8544").connect(spi,B13,B14,B­15, function() {
      // When it's initialised, clear it and write some text
      g.drawString("Hello World!",0,0);
      // send the graphics to the display

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  • Hi - yes, you've got the display in slightly the wrong position:

    Simply place the Espruino Pico on the breadboard with the USB connector facing left, and then place the LCD directly above it, aligned to the right (so the pin on the Pico nearest the USB connector should not be connected to anything).

    So you've got the display over to the left - but you need to move it one pin to the right.

    ... just to add it might also be worth checking that the pin strip is soldered to the board correctly? It's hard to tell from the picture but it looks like there might not be much solder on those pins, so one or two might not be making good contact.

  • I got it working :) So basically the Nokia display has to be on A29-A22 on the breadboard and the PICO has to be on D30-D22 and G30-G22

    So far so good having fun with this :)

  • Hello World works but this tutorial doesn't strange­

  • Have you got the up to date firmware on your Pico? And which bit of that tutorial doesn't work properly?

    Getting the CPU activity from your PC/Mac is probably the hardest part since it's being done with command-line tools... What's your operating system? It might be the commands need to be slightly different

  • Hi Gordon. I am not sure where to upgrade the firmware on my pico. I am using OSX 10.9.5

  • For Firmware Updates please have a look in the Quick Start especially the software update section.

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Nokia 5110 not working

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