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  • Hi All,

    I'm looking to move away from my power bank (via usb) and get a battery that utilises the battery socket on my Espruino. I'd like to keep the power bank for my other prototyping so it's time to hunt down a different power source.

    I'd like some help on picking out a battery and a suitable charging unit. My project currently requires me to supply 5V with peaks of 2A to power a GSM board as well as GPS & the Espruino.

    My power bank is a 10,000 mAh and supplied 5V/2A I don't mind dropping down to around 6000mAh but anything above and closer to the 10k would be excellent.

    Any recommendations? I noticed li-po are mostly at 3.7v so I would need a booster to get the 5v but no ideas on what combinations will work best. I'm currently having a read through the adafruit website.

  • Have you seen this ? :)

    EDIT: after reading your post more thoroughly I guess you have seen it. Have you tried searching an online catalog for something that meets your requirements?

  • What about size and weight? Is it something where that's an issue?

    What do you want to charge it from?

  • I'd have a quick check about the GSM board's requirements... I thought most of them had a 3.3v regulator on-board so you may find you can run them directly off 3.7v, which makes you life a lot easier.

    If so that makes your life a lot easier. Just get either some phone batteries and connect them in parallel (Adafruit sell a charger board but it only handles a single cell's worth of voltage)

  • @Gordon the gsm2 click supports 3.3v io but still requires a 5v line in. This has been brought up a number of times on their forum as their marketing seemed to suggest it would only need the 3.3v in.

    @DrAzzy I'm fitting the whole project into a black vox which is 7*4*3 inches. There is probably about 4*2*2 inches left after adding all my other components in. Weight is no issue within reason.

  • Ok, my suggestion would be:

    • Get a bunch of phone batteries (or 18650 cells with the protection circuitry in them) and connect them in parallel.
    • Get something like this - it's a 5v switchmode supply and a battery charger, all in one.
  • 18650's would be my choice, with that much space. In parallel, I think, because that simplifies charging...

    Don't get the high current ones like they use in ecigs - you want the normal protected ones, so an accidental short doesn't involve as much smoke. They're cheaper too.

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Battery Search

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