Espruino Pico HID support example?

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  • Hi! Great little board, love it so far. One of the kickstarter stretch goals was HID support, did that make the final cut? If so, is there a tutorial or snippet available to get started with that?

    Thanks so much!

  • Support isn't in there at the moment, but it will be coming in the next month or two - along with some documentation and examples :)

    Unfortunately in order to add it sensibly I needed to swap over to using ST's CubeMX peripheral library (as they stopped supporting the current peripheral library). Doing that would have taken a while, and it would have needed a lot of testing in order to be sure it hadn't introduced any bugs - so I figured I'd get the Pico out the door with firmware I knew worked well, and I'd get a firmware out later on that had it in.

  • @Gordon will you be making any other usb interfaces available? I'm asking because I was thinking it'd be cool to be able to present html files over mass storage to be able to talk to the Espruino without needing drivers. Kind of like how the Nucleo boards show an error file over mass storage when the st-link isn't connected to something.

  • No, afraid not. It's a lot more work, and there isn't really enough free flash memory on the Pico to do it properly (because of the flash pages) unless you actually just held the whole thing in RAM.

    It'll support USB HID though, so that means mouse, keyboard, touchpad, joystick, etc. Even MIDI I believe.

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Espruino Pico HID support example?

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