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  • Is there a link somewhere for sending money to @Gordon/Espruino? I know that getting any financial contributions hasn't gone well in the past, despite the awesomeness of the software, but it might change as popularity increases with the release of the Pico. I'm specifically asking because I'm thinking of running Espruino on a version of the sensor nodes that I'm building for use in my house, and if I do I'd like to be able to contribute back a bit.

  • Hi, thanks! That's really good of you.

    Someone else asked about this recently too - I'm afraid there's nothing online at the moment.

    However I'd like to add something - it's actually on my list of things to do on the desk in front of me :) When I do it, I'll stick it on the Download page, but I'll try and post a link up here as well.

  • Thanks. :) one of the best things about Espruino is that it's so open and usable on other hardware, which made it a clear choice over... other... javascript on MCU options...

  • Yeah, all you need is the image, and paypal will hook you up with a super-easy donate button.

  • I just have to figure out how it works with tax, so I son't (hopefully) have to pay VAT.

  • I've made a donation for 4 sonoff, I want to use in my house. 4$ per stk.
    Is it enough? I donated for 2 f3'er in 2013 also.

  • That's great - thanks! If everyone did that it'd make a massive difference :)

  • PayPal for whatever odd reason, doesn't like donations when you (resp. me) are in Japan. So button or not, no donations from me. Instead I bought some Pucks from the Tindie store.

  • Thanks! Odd about PayPal - is that specific to the Espruino Donate button, or PayPal in general?

  • Nah, it's generally a problem and it seems to be because I'm in Japan.

  • I've made a donation for 10 ESP8266-01, from my kickstarter set . 4$ per stk.

    • a little extra for your baby.

  • That's awesome Poul - thanks!

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Donation button?

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