Espruino 1v73 released

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  • This one's happened quite quickly, but we spotted a few issues with 1v72, which I thought were important to get fixes out for quickly:

    • Accessing some specific names of an undefined variable could crash Espruino
    • setTimeout and setInterval in onInit didn't work correctly after the board was reset with the reset button (power off/power on, or reset() was ok)
    • On the Espruino board, after a reset with the button the RTC subsecond counter wasn't working, meaning very 'glitchy' values from getTime and for setInterval.

    I also added:

    • Uint8ClampedArray, which is just hugely helpful for WS811/WS2812/NeoPixel LED-related stuff.
    • Filesystem on user-defined pins. For instance you may want more than one SD card to your Espruino board (or to connect a card to your Pico when they're produced!).
    • A few more exported functions to allow 'Compiled' JS code to work on more of the JS Language.
  • Interesting - I'd always been assuming the problems I was having with timeouts and intervals after reset button was problem with connected devices (I saw that in my desk lamp) getting into a bad state, not the Espruino getting confused.

    Can't wait to try out the SD card on other pins support. I've had a board waiting to test that with for a while.

  • Hey Gordon, do you think it would be possible to provide a binary firmware which could be externally flashed onto a ESP8266 by enthusiasts that do not have your dev board, but would still like to try your programming platform?

  • You mean you'd like firmware for Espruino that would run on the ESP8266 itself?

  • Just to add to this, we've found that Waveform input doesn't work at all on 1v72/1v73. It's now fixed, but I'll try and do a proper release quite soon with that fixed.

  • Hi , Where we can get the Source of 1v73..


  • GitHub ? Same as everything else.

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Espruino 1v73 released

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