Bluetooth tethering?

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  • Hi!

    Has anyone thought about hooking espruino to the net using bluetooth tethering? Anyone having an idea on what would it take to make this happen?

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  • I'm not sure how it'd work - my understanding is that bluetooth tethering uses modem-like AT commands. If they're similar to the ESP8266's commands then there might be a possibility without doing too much work, but I'm not sure that's actually the case.

    Someone would have to do a bit more research - but I'm not sure how useful it is... I imagine bluetooth tethering will die out quite soon.

  • I think about Bluetooth PAN as a way to get espruino on the net. Having a server with a bluetooth dongle for supporting PAN would suffice.

    I am also not sure how does it actually work under the hood (yet).

  • How is it going? Have anybody figured it out yet?

    It would be nice to use the puck.js as a mini web server. Is it then possible to make a web crawler out of it?

  • I think this question might have been about standard Bluetooth, which is slightly different.

    Puck.js is Bluetooth LE, and since Bluetooth LE itself doesn't connect to the internet you need a 'bridge'. Right now you can do that using the Espruino Hub software though:­xy

    However it is quite limited at the moment because there are only around 20 bytes available for the URL and the returned data, and you can't make Puck.js a server.

    At some point I'll add IPv6 to Puck.js, and then with the correct hub software you'll have full internet access - but Bluetooth LE is not a fast radio standard, so internet access via BLE will always be slow. Something like a Web Crawler should really be done over WiFi - not only would BLE be slow, but you'd run down the battery in no time at all!

  • I understand thank you for the answer.

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Bluetooth tethering?

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