Serial3 on C10 doesn't seem to work.

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  • With the SmartNixie tubes, I do the following:

    var nixie=require("SmartNixie").connect(Seri­al3,6);
    nixie.send() // nothing happens
    // now, move wire from C10 to B10
    nixie.send() // it works

    Not sure what's going on here.

    Serial 4 on C10 works, as does Serial1 on B6 or A9, Serial3 on B10, and Serial5 on C12.

    But serial 3 on C10 doesn't seem to work...

  • aaaand I had everything working (with serial4, of course). And then I send another command to nixie tubes...


    uh, yeah. Burned trace right next to the MCU. No idea what happened or why. Wasn't touched or anything, and was 100% working just minutes earlier.

  • Burned trace? :s Since the MCU can't provide that kind if power, it seems like something came off the nixie tubes.

    There's a bug open about the C10 issue already:­ues/409

    Thanks for checking about Serial on B10 - that helps. I think on this chip it's not enough to 'move' Serial3 to the right place. .. You need to move Serial4 out of the way too!

  • Got a picture? I could probably tell you what the wire is... It might help?

    And does the board still work?

  • Oh shit, just realized it sounded like I burned out the espruino. No, that was a smart nixie board that burned out, next the mcu on that board (an atmega). Though, if I have to buy a new one, that's more expensive than a new Espruino ($50 for a top + bottom board - plus over an hour of assembly).

    Only espruino issue is the thing about the serial

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Serial3 on C10 doesn't seem to work.

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