Bluetooth, no console output (Web IDE + Screen)

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  • Suddenly my Web IDE console stops at "Connected" when I connect over Bluetooth. console.log does not echo to the left pane - I can 'send' programs which will run though. If I connect via screen in terminal on Mac it is a simlar problem - I just get a blank screen, however I can type commands which work, but I get nothing either, input or returns, shown in terminal window.

    Both connection methods are fine over USB, I get the Espruino version info and the console responds and outputs console.log commands fine.

    This was all working fine over Bluetooth a few days ago. Tested on 2 Macs both same. I have been flashing the board, but I'm pretty sure I'm back on 1.69 which is the firmware version I was using earlier with no problems.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • I've just updated the Web IDE to a newer version, so that could be it. Did you try more than once though? You may be able to fix the non-responiveness via screen with: [Ctrl+C] echo(1); [enter] but it doesn't explain console.log not working.

    Are you sure it's not that you're using tty. rather than cu.?

    Otherwise you could try downloading and manually installing the older version of the Web IDE. Instructions here (the link goes straight to the older version):­DE/tree/85aaab87b2fe85c310a3916e9873a4d4­effe5975

  • On 0.46.1 and definitely going over tty and not cu. Now on 1.70 firmware. No difference.

    Edit: It looks like I've lost part of the solder on one of the connections of the Bluetooth module to the board. If I bridge it with wire it's fine again I get console output.

  • Try going over cu... it's worth a try. That's what I think I ended up using for straight serial on Mac, so it might be worth a try for bluetooth.

    I would blame the new Web IDE, but I'm pretty sure nothing on that side of things has changed.

  • Hi Gordon, thanks though seems I'm good. It was the solder on the module, a piece on one contact had fallen away - I imagine what was left was a poor contact. Redone it. All good.

    Thanks for your continued support. I can imagine you're pretty busy so it is appreciated. My project so far is here: I'm aiming for a remotely monitorable beer fermentation setup.

    Server working, temp now real ( now I know data is green :) ), next step the relays.



  • Great! The site doesn't seem to be up though?

    I'd love to see the beer monitor... I've been considering doing something similar too - although mainly just for the temperature control side.

    Have you seen this?­eer-bubble-counter/2523

    I've seen a few different methods of measuring the bubble rate, but actually just measuring when the water level rises and touches the 2 wires seems so simple and easy :) You might even be able to use it to control the temperature based on how well the yeast is doing.

  • Oddly it's started falling off the network again. I'll get it sorted though.

    Thanks for the link, that's an interesting approach. I've planned to give it a target profile for the temp over the expected fermentation period, so I can increase it towards the end of fermentation, but having it respond to yeast performance as you suggest is also an idea.

    The holy grail is something like they've done with 'The BeerBug', which I believe actually monitors and reports the specific gravity. I doubt I'll get to that.

    When I get done I'll post up in 'projects'. I'm also thinking about how Espruino might be added to my beer system - that's documented here if you're interested­2013/5

    Lots of possibilities! Have a great day!

  • Specific gravity would be awesome. If there isn't a specific sensor for it I guess you'd have to disect some (relatively accurate) digital scales - it could end up being a lot of work.

    The beer system looks absolutely amazing! That's proper commitment there :)

    So those modules (with the green + red 7 segment LEDs) control the burners to keep the temperature constant? Shame they don't seem to have any microcontroller interface - it would have been great to have been able to sequence the whole boiling schedule...

  • Yes, they run relays which switch gas solenoids on and off, if I did it again it would be microcontroller driven, and probably electric - I'd be happier automating that than gas.

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Bluetooth, no console output (Web IDE + Screen)

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