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  • Hi Espruinos,

    Since I have updated my Espruinos to 1v67 my NRF does not "answer" anymore.
    To verify I have checked the examples fromĀ­/blob/master/devices/ :

    This works, the green LED can be set via NRF:

    nrf.sendCommand("LED2.set()", function(r) { print("=="+r); });

    But 1+2 will return "=undefined" instead of 3:

    nrf.sendCommand("1+2", function(r) { print("=="+r); });

    Different to the eaxmple my setup looks like this:

    SPI3.setup({sck:B3, miso:B4, mosi:B5});
    var nrf = require("NRF24L01P").connect( SPI3, A0, A1 );
    function onInit() {
    setInterval(function() {
    }, 50);

    Does anyone has faced this issue too?

    Thanks & Regards, Andreas

  • Hi - thanks for letting me know. I made some minor changes to the NRF module (yesterday in fact) and it looks like I broke the slave handler part of it.

    I've just fixed it, so if you write the exact same code into the 'slave' Espruino now then it should start working.

    Sorry about that - I should always test these things, but I only changed a few lines so assumed it would be ok!

  • Hi Gordon,
    Thanks a lot for your support! It works just fine now. I'm very happy about all the espruino updates and improvements - I really love that thing :)

    Best Regards, Andreas

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NRF Module

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