Stretchgoal WRT Package

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  • Are there any news about the stretchgoal for 70.000 ?
    There is a nice project on IndieGoGo, I'm thinking about.

  • Hmm - looks interesting, but very similar to - to the point of using the exact same chip. It's a little more expensive, but I guess it does have a chip antenna (although Carambola 1 has one too).

    There's already a build for Carambola (OpenWRT) which supports all the IO - it's just not bundled up into a package yet. It got sidelined a bit as nobody seemed even remotely bothered.

    It'd be awesome if someone could look at a Raspberry Pi package for it too ;)

  • I just saw this one - it looks awesome!­e-a-coin-sized-linux-computer-with-wifi#­activity

    I've posted up on the OpenWRT forums asking whether the OpenWRT package is likely to get approved - and if so, I'll see about submitting it...

  • I'm searching for a cheap WIFI solution capable for Espruino.

    Taking the "money only" view, there are 10€ USB sticks available.
    On the other hand solutions for Arduino(and other boards) are around 30€.
    Last not least the CC3000 is a kind of ...... special.

    Carambola 2 could be a good choice, thanks for pointing me into this direction.

  • No problem. Got a link to the cheap sticks?

    Compilation is so easy on a Linux system that it's really not that much of a problem not having packages at the moment...

  • Yes it does, I can't wait for to receive my perk.

  • @JumJum

    I'm searching for a cheap WIFI solution capable for Espruino.

    Better yet, just wait for 1Sheeld to release the firmware for the 1sheeld.
    Get a cheap Bluetooth module and pair with the Espruino. Then use their
    firmware (modified, of course) to run on the Espruino. Now you have a
    Android/smartphone interface via Bluetooth with all the pre-made APPs from 1Sheeld. Is 5 dollars USD too much?
    Note: You will be using the smartphone/android as your WiFi interface.

    The CC3000 is a nice chip but the firmware was designed by morons.

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Stretchgoal WRT Package

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