Mount Espruino as a drive?

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  • Given that it's possible to mount files on a SD card for the Espruino, it could be kind of handy if the board could be mounted as a drive to upload files onto it (we have it connected via USB already).

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

  • There's actually an issue filed for this already:¬≠ues/66

    It would be possible if someone was willing to do a bit of work on the USB implementation - however you've got this problem that you can't have two computers accessing the same filesystem at a block level at the same time. It's why all the Android devices only implement the media transfer protocol now.

    Of course someone could implement the media transfer protocol instead ;)

  • Without looking into it deeply,
    would it be possible to have a processor in Web IDE for writing a file from local drive to sdcard ?

  • Yes, that could be done with a bit of effort. There's actually a bug for it here:¬≠DE/issues/33

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Mount Espruino as a drive?

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