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  • Yes - at some point it'll be changeable - it's not really a priority right now I'm afraid.

    As far as IOREF, AREF and RESET, I'd just leave those unconnected? You could connect Espruino's reset pin up but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

    I wouldn't worry about the stuff in white boxes on that diagram - unless anyone knows any different I don't think they'll cause problems. The obvious ones are INT0/INT1 - but setWatch can work on any pin so that won't be a problem (just make sure that you don't use two pins with the same number - eg. A0 and B0 - but you're not doing that anyway)

    You could connect 5V to 'Bat' (maybe via a jumper). When plugged into USB, Bat is about 4.3v. Also if you put 5v on the 5v line it'll then power up Espruino. The only time it would be an issue is if you plugged a higher voltage battery into Espruino's battery connector.

    Otherwise you could leave 5V as NC and could have an unpopulated hole for a 5v voltage regulator?


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