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  • I'm not sure if they're referring to the TLC5916 or the MIC5891 (or even just the LEDs) as being the 5V parts?

    The TLC5916 datasheet seems to suggest that it'll happily run off of 3.3V and will work off of 3.3v logic levels. The only problem is when you run it at 5v and it wants 0.7x5v = 3.5v logic inputs.

    For the MIC5891, it's hard to tell (I can't find the info for logic levels) but I imagine it would be fine. The only gotcha is that it seems it wants to run on at least 5v.

    It's all so close it'll almost certainly 'just work' on 5v - you could just connect it up and see what happens, it's not like anything will get blown up.

    The other option is to take the pins that need 5v conversion (I guess Display , MIC and TLC*) and to just pull them up to 5v with a (5kOhm?) resistor. As long as you choose 5v capable pins on Espruino, you can switch them to 'Open Drain' mode, which will mean that when outputting a 1, the resistor will be able to pull the voltage right up to 5v and it'll all be within spec.

    If you did want to fit a regulator, I'd put the 5v output to VBat of Espruino so the most voltage you have on the board is 5v. It's not like it really matters though.


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