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  • Hi - yes, it should be very possible. Actually knocking one up using Fritzing should be trivial now there's a Fritzing component for it.

    The only reason not to is that a lot of Arduino boards are 5V boards and Espruino is 3.3v. Having said that, any pin not marked with 3.3v onĀ­OBOARD can handle 5v signal levels so it should be pretty easy to wire up an adaptor.

    The reason it hasn't been done is just that I'm insanely busy right now and nobody apart from you has asked since the KickStarter. If someone wanted to start making a board I'd be happy to post a link to it though - or at some point I'm thinking I might make a PCB with push-out adaptors for common things (NRF24, CC3000, Nokia LCD, etc) so they could be soldered straight on without messing around with wiring - I could try and include an Arduino adaptor in that.


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