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  • Nice, thanks both of you!

    I've got an Espruino car ECU project and I always wanted to be able to log the exhaust temperature. It glows cherry red so it'd melt most stuff - I'll have to have a look at this and see if I can rig something up :)

  • I saw your trig code and figured it was engine related.

    I actually wrote this code to measure engine exhaust gas temperature. You can buy temperature probes that are designed to work for this application

    search type K EGT on ebay and you will find them for about $15.

    I picked up a pressure sensor to measure turbo boost pressure. That sensor has a 0 - 40mv voltage swing from 0 - 29 psi. I now realize I should have looked harder to find one that had SPI or I2C interface as it would be easier to interface.


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