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  • How exactly is it not working? It's unlikely that something would have just happened after 1 minute... are you sure it's not just a bad connection?

    I just checked and it seems that at 1mbps it's having trouble keeping the 1 byte SPI buffer full. To be honest it shouldn't really be having problems with that - I'll have to look into why.

    However I'd be very surprised if that was the problem. That's why there's a clock and a CS line after all.

    If you do really want an unbroken clock signal your other options are to just lower the baud rate (500000 seems to work fine) or to switch to sending/receiving Strings, which are a bit faster to access:

    var d = SPI1.send("\0\0\0\0",C0); 
    result = (d.charCodeAt(0)<<24)|(d.charCodeAt(1)<<­16)|(d.charCodeAt(2)<<8)|d.charCodeAt(3)­;

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