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  • Wow, thanks Gordon, I didn't expect a reply so soon. Yes I do indeed have the 3.2 sorry about not including that.

    Yes this is much better memory() now returns the following:

    After loading the code in Project 2 memory() returns:

    And everything works.

    One (well two really) final question if you don't mind, I see in the video your 3.2 has headers on the top edge and something I don't recognize poking out from under the screen on the bottom edge.
    Did you solder those headers on yourself and what is that thing poking out from under the screen?

    Finally thanks so much for your help.

    Edit: one more question, let's say I might have inadvertently connected 5v to PB14(PD14) on the 3.2 would I have done some damage?


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