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  • Yes, there are plans :) I started the design 3-4 months ago, but it's been delayed quite a bit! The board is 0.1" thinner than the Teensy so the pinout's got to be chosen to make the tracking easy.

    I actually ordered some prototype PCBs last night, so hopefully I'll have some working hardware in 2 weeks or so.

    Rough specs are:

    • 35x15mm
    • Printed Type A USB connector
    • 0.1" pad layout, 28 GPIOs
    • Roughly the same spec ARM
    • Onboard 32kHz crystal
    • Same power supply arrangement as the Espruino board - automatic switchover to battery, 3-20v input voltage range

    I'm quite excited about it. It should be a lot easier to include in things and much easier to breadboard with...


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