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  • Seems like my Bangle.js 2 is giving up... It's an original Kickstarter watch and yesterday it suddenly wouldn't connect to my phone anymore.

    Turns out that bluetooth is being very flaky... It will intermittently work for a short period but then it'll stop working again and no matter what I do I cannot get it connected again. Even tested on different devices.

    Factory resetting the watch did not help, and even in DFU mode it'll refuse to connect or even show up most of the time. Even managed to semi-brick it even attempting to install the stable v21 release, since something went wrong during flashing and the watch got stuck looping with a bank0 error. Could get into DFU but nothing else. Eventually managed to get it flashed properly again, but no dice on Bluetooth.

    Everything points to the hardware dying, but just figured I'd hop on here and see if there's anything else I can look at. Opening it up is well within my capabilities if that could help...


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