• maybe some delay between connecting and reading data could help, I think there is MTU negotiation running right after device is connected, but it is there too also even for SDK12

    thanks, I think I remember talking about this in the past, adding delays did help, it now allways connects, but only if the interval is 7.5-100, 7.5-7.5ms will not work on the bangle js2 for me, nothing like the p8 or the magic with 6.0.0. Strange, I will play more., thank you for your time.

    Edit: I just used 6.0.0 in the magic with 2.21, it behaves like the bangle, connects if delays are in place but not in 7.5 ms, comms are slow and it disconnects every 5 secs or so, strange, I think I remember that it was related with the feature of multiple connections that was introduced some time back, but I may have it mixed up in my mind.


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