• You mean S140 6.1.1? and you reduced writing block size to 2048?

    I think so, it is the one you have on your github, and I think I managed to reduce the block size to 2048, I am not very sure I did it right though.

    It works, but I am facing some issues when connecting to my unicycle, I think I have seen the same problem in the past, I remeber that I was able to overcome it, but I need to remember how. I have the same problem with the bangleJS2 on 2.21, so it seems that it is not magic3 related, the bangle has very simmilar behaviour ( I am using 7.5ms connection interval) .

    The connection takes some more time, and it feels like there are two of them at the same time, one goes through and one fails, causing my script to restart comms, but it maybe be something else, I will play a bit more.

    also, I did loose the advertising of the magic(2.21 /6.1.1 -and I tested 6.1.0 too, the same as 6.1.1 as far as I can tell) two or three times, I am not sure what caused it, reset()/E.reboot() did not help, I had to use the watchdog to restart, and then it was visible again.

    I have a disable/enable BT switch on the gui, this does not work too, if I disable the BT it will not be visible once enabled, reset()/E.reboot() does not help, only the watchdog works for restoring incomming connections. (this also aplies to the banglejs2, so maybe it is espruino 2.21 related -Edit: disable/enable BT using the bangle os bluetooth connectable menu works, so maybe something has changed and the way I do it is not correct anymore.)


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