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  • I have been a happy user of a Bangle.js 2 for a year now. Both Bangle.js version of Gadgetbridge and the App Manager ( are nice.

    One aspect that I don't think looks very professional is the question about updates. Knowing that Gordon does so much work in development and replying in the forums, I'd like to make some suggestions that I hope don't require much work and will decrease the work in the forums about problems with the firmware and apps that are old or incompatible with the installed firmware. I propose:

    1. That the App Manager (as called in Gadgetbridge or bangle.js apps loader webpage) changes to the "My Apps" tab when there are any updates. It would be better if the apps that are going to be upgraded are more easily spotted (like using a yellow background). I would be perfect if Gadgetbridge could show a different icon for the "App Manager" that indicates that updates are available when apps or firmware updates are available.

    2. That a popup shows in the "My Apps" tab when a a new stable firmware version exists. It could say that upgrading the firmware is recommended before upgrading any apps. It should allow installing from the pop up or exiting the popup. The development app repository could show any new firmware even RC (about this latter) or cutting edge versions. The "Firmware Update" "app" could be maintained for manual selection and installation of firmware versions.

    3. That an RC version of the firmware is uploaded and announced in the forum (with the Changelog) so people could test it a couple of days before a stable version is uploaded. The forum message could also say for which bugs people affected are urged to update to the RC, in addition to anyone wanting to test it. I usually use cutting edge versions of the firmware, but I don't upgrade to every new version. With the announcement of RC versions I could upgrade to every of them and test the things I usually do with the Bangle.js 2 (or even things I don't usually do but could be affected by the changes reported in the Changelog).

    For the points 1 and 2 I could tried to do them myself after returning from vacation.

    And just as a question: Why is the advanced option "Automatically reload watch after app App Loader actions (removes "Hold button" prompt)" not the default? Any problem with this being automatic?

    Thanks for any opinion or feedback.


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