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  • I only use the Bangle.js 2 for running or hiking. I don't like to wear a watch, specially at night, so I don't track my sleep. For step counting, I do enough training that the rest of my walking activity doesn't count much. I don't think that the support of the notifications is good enough to overtake my dislike of wearing the watch.

    1. GPS: It's a bit annoying that the AGPS data lasts for just a few hours, so I download it just before going for the training session. With AGPS it takes like 5 seconds to get a lock, it seems to help that I only use the GPS network. It has a great precision while running outdoors. After the session I download the GPX files generated by the Recored App and I visualize them with the OsmAnd app in the Android phone.

    2. HRM: Because I do my training with the excellent Polar H10 sensor, I'm not too worried about the internal HR precision. I would like to help in improving the algorithm anyway. For tracking the training sessions I use the proprietary Polar Apps, which are not great. I should start using open source apps for this also.

    3. Apps: The Run/Run+ apps are a bit limited, but I use a slightly modified version of the former. I'd like to write a more complete app for running/hiking but no major work for this so far.

    4. The Espruino framework is very nice, the main reason why I chose this watch (other alternatives are not even close). The hardware is good enough for a running watch except for only having one button, which is also of bad quality (sometimes I don't manage to start or stop the timer at the first try, very annoying for sprint reps).


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