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  • Hello,

    I’m trying to make my Bangle ‘foolproof’ for when I give it to users to test my app.

    I’ve got this bit of code in my app which prevents them resetting it on a long press (and it works great):
    watchdogInterval = setInterval(() => E.kickWatchdog(), 1000);
    This also prevents the screen with the ‘btn1 = reset ===>’ and the black menu with all the options to factory reset, reboot, restart, turn off, etc.

    The only issue is if the user let’s the Bangle runs out of power and they charge it back up, instead of ‘clicking’ the button to turn it back on…. they might attempt to ‘hold’ the button down instead… and this may inadvertently get them to the btn1 = reset ===> / black menu screens by mistake…. (as the app hasn’t had a chance to load)

    So I was wondering if there was a relatively painless way to just stop these menus / screens from being accessed by the user at all?



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