• Hi,

    My Bangle js 2 arrived today, but the interface is nothing like in the YT video from 6 months ago. I keep getting a disconnect with a suggestion that "programmable is set to off". But when I follow instructions to go to the settings to toggle that, my settings has only a few options. Additionally, the version is 0.6.8 which seems like a much lower number than is talked about in discussions. The interface itself, including starting from the factory reset is also very different from what's in the recent videos. I bought this over the holidays and it arrived today (4th Jan 2024). It's definitely the v2 (square) version.

    Can anyone suggest possible fixes? I can get it to be seen and 'connect' on a BLE browser, but I've tried several on Windows, Mac, and even iOS, and it just disconnects when I try to retrieve "my apps".

    Thanks in advance, Pete


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