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  • the pads on the PCB look a big dull (although that could just be lighting)

    from another angle/light it is actually clean. I'll try to clean it anyway.

    How old is the watch?

    1 year

    being pulled up to 3.3v via an internal pullup

    this is the strange thing, reading the value between GND and the button pin with a tester I detect a voltage of only 0.09V (no it's not a typo)

    There is a vanishingly small chance that the unpopulated component you found could be an optional pullup resistor

    I look at this here:­nical, it seems that the component is also missing.
    and in any case given the proximity it should be a component of the compass.

    you can effectively disable the button

    yes, I've already tried, it works but I'm trying to understand if I can get it to work again without using the "tap" trick


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