• I have now switched over to the proprietary heart rate algorithm provided by the sensor manufacturer - which I hope will do a better job at giving you accurate heart rate readings, especially when moving around.

    It can be supplied with some different sports modes - for instance it may be possible to switch it to a mode that'll make it work better for Running - but I haven't tried this yet.

    It's a shame to move away from an Open Source implementation, but realistically despite making a test harness nobody seems to have been very interested in trying out better solutions.

    In the end, I think most Bangle.js users care more about a working Heart rate sensor than an open one - although anyone who does care can still build their own firmwares with the open one with relative ease.

  • Does the "HRM Accelerometer event recorder" work on bangleJS2 without an attached BT HRM? It opens a screen on the watch and I can see the events count going up on the watch, but the browser page just shows '0', and if I press the 'stop' and 'save' buttons it saves an empty file.
    Could a running widget that acts as a GATT server be interfering (I am running an updated version of the openseizure widget).

    I am thinking of re-visiting the open source HR calculation algorithm because I am finding that the current version is too sensitive to movement - I get very high readings if I am not staying very, very still - I will look at trying an algorithm like this one: https://openresearchsoftware.metajnl.comĀ­/articles/10.5334/jors.241