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  • As for the Watchy, I wanted an e-ink watch to develop with. But I eschew the big compile, push full firmware approach for just tweaking watch faces, so I'm a huge fan of Espruino everywhere. Fortunately, it's an ESP32 so I just pushed a existing build to it and it ran OOB. It also ran out of battery in 30 minutes... as ESP32s need a lot of power management to last on a battery. I hope to tweak the firmware to do what the Watchy code does: shutdown completely and wake on RTC or button press. Some day...

  • As for the Watchy, I wanted an e-ink watch to develop with

    Thats my thought as well. I have a watchy watch and a pine time watch. Both have a OS that is compiled with all the apps. So it a pain to work with. Espruino seems like the best thing for this.

  • You can run Espruino on both of those. I just flashed the Watchy the other day and it works while plugged in (just drains the battery quickly). Pinetime is running an NRF52832 so it runs Espruino as well, but I think you have to open the case to get to the SWD pins (the default bootloader is not compatible with Espruino OTA update).


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