• Thanks for the log - that really helps to narrow it down. So this appears to be https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadg­etbridge/issues/2996 again - I thought that had maybe sorted itself out.

    I've just pushed a change to Gadgetbridge to attempt to fix it - but it's a hard one to know for sure as we can't reliably reproduce it while on a debugger (and I think it might depend on your phone/OS). So if you install the nightly build of Gadgetbridge tomorrow, I hope you won't end up seeing it again :)

  • Awesome, I will look into getting that installed and let you know how it works out. It usually happens to me 1-2 times per day so I'll check back in a few days to a week if it's all clear. Thank you so much!

    edit: a couple days in and it's working great so far!


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