• Watch firmware: 2v19, DFU 2v16
    Android Bangle.js Gadgetbridge Version: 0.76.1a-banglejs
    Apps up to date as of 2 weeks ago updating again now (should have done that first, sorry, but this issue has been going on through multiple updates for many months).
    settings .65->.68, alarms .44->.45, weather .25->.26, message ui .74->.75

    As folks above have said, manually disconnecting/reconnecting through GB on the phone or rebooting the watch fixes it but the watch freezes and remains unresponsive on a frozen watch face until then.

  • It freezes on both "Weather Clock" and "Mountain Pass Clock" faces, I haven't noticed it in other apps but I don't leave them up and idling for meaningful amounts of time. Attached is filtered logcat dump of all gadgetbridge tagged entries in the minute it froze at 19:19 yesterday if that helps.


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