• Sorry to poke such an old thread but I'm currently experiencing this issue and was just wondering if there's any more progress with a fix, or a good workaround?

  • What Bangle.js firmware version number do you have on the watch?

    What Gadgetbridge version and version number do you use on your phone, if it's an Android one?

    Are your apps on the watch up to date?

  • Watch firmware: 2v19, DFU 2v16
    Android Bangle.js Gadgetbridge Version: 0.76.1a-banglejs
    Apps up to date as of 2 weeks ago updating again now (should have done that first, sorry, but this issue has been going on through multiple updates for many months).
    settings .65->.68, alarms .44->.45, weather .25->.26, message ui .74->.75

    As folks above have said, manually disconnecting/reconnecting through GB on the phone or rebooting the watch fixes it but the watch freezes and remains unresponsive on a frozen watch face until then.


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