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  • Hi - so this is a GDEH0154D67 display? I don't think we have any driver for that unfortunately.

    Basically, you have two options:

    • Implement all the whole display code in C - you'd need to then build a special firmware with this in to make it work. It'll be a bit faster, but a lot more work and less flexible.
    • Implement a display driver in JS

    The vast majority of display drivers for Espruino are actually written in JS, for example all the ones at­cs-drivers

    You can just develop the driver in the Web IDE, and then if you want to you can contribute it back to­/tree/master/devices (which would be great!) - there's a tutorial at­ and you could one of those existing graphics drivers listed above as a base.

    Honestly, the JS module is the way I'd say was preferable - Espruino's Graphics library can usually do all the heavy lifting for you, and then all you have to do is write the relevant JS code to push the graphics buffer you get out over SPI to the display. For epaper especially the slightly reduced speed over native won't be a massive issue as the update takes a while anyway.

    If you have issues I'm happy to try and help with the code you'd need to get it working


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