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  • It is not safe to listen to music while riding a bicycle, so I am against the appearance of a third version of the watch. I hope if there are no buttons on the watch there will be fewer idiots listening to music on their bike

  • if you were correct, then how can you explain Sony's walkman -> discman -> mp3 player/ipod -> smart phone+head phone?

    illegal drugs are more idiot but it's common among some people.

    it's called "natural selection"

  • I think it is personal choice, but do agree its a dangerous thing to do. Personally I would never wear headphones on a bike or in a car. I do see people do this. I dont feel safe on a bike unless I can hear what is around me.

    I do recall that LSD was first experienced whilst riding a bike.­lds-first-lsd-trip-happened-on-a-bike-ri­de/

    NOTE: I am not advocating LSD and would never do it. Besides if you take to much LDS you end up with dyslexia.


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