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  • Great video. Very helpful. Also intresting to hear about the journey that the game has made between platforms. It is probably easier to play in the emulator, but on the watch it is quite hard to touch the right regions and to see what is actually selected. I think for the Bangle keeping the text and gane play seperate would be better but I understand this would mean a rewrite and you have ported from other code.

    I look forward to your next games. Is this your Rubido game ?­tgs

    I have thought that Othello might make a useful game on the Bangle.

  • I look forward to your next games. Is this your Rubido game ?

    Yes thats the rubido game i'm porting. I made that game about 14-15 years ago, for the gp2x and dingoo handhelds, at the time there did not exist iphones or androids and so or at least i did not have one. The gp2x and dingoo were opensource handhelds and most were running linux and people could develop their own games for the machines. There was an active community around these handhelds with people developing games and emulators and users playing them . if you want something similar today the only thing that comes to mind is the playdate which i also own and made a few games for. I took the source code my old game and again ported it to javascript. It's not that hard to convert SDL c/cpp code to espruino but they do require a lot of changing as you can't constantly refresh the screen on the bangle. So i was checking my old games for games that basically only "acted" when input was done and rubido was another such game so i started porting that game also. I've created another thread in the projects page about it and there is a little gif showing the progress so far


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