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  • Not sure if this is what I'm talking about or not. Looks like it deals with gadgetbridge alarms being sent to the watch. I'm looking for android clock app alarms to be sent to the watch. I will certainly see if that update is the change I'm looking for, though!

  • Yes, sorry - I don't think it is either. It's a good improvement though!

    And I've also been thinking some about the ability to integrate with standard android alarms. I'm not sure it's trivial to implement though, and whether or not Gadgetbridge does this at all today.

    If you'd like to try, maybe you can come up with something using Tasker? I think it could be possible. Tasker can talk with the bangle via Gadgetbridge and Android intents. So if Tasker can detect changes to the phone's alarms, it should be able to relay that to your Bangle.


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