• Yes, the watch basically sets the blocklist in Gadgetbridge for you (rather than implementing a different way of blocking notifications).

    Thanks for reporting this - if it turns out it's happening with multiple different apps I'll definitely try and look into it a bit more, it's just a tricky one as it's a Gadgetbridge issue - and if I start making changes to the way Gadgetbridge handles notifications there's potentially a big impact on all the other devices Gadgetbridge supports, so it might be a hard change for me to be able to push back into the main Gadgetbridge repository

  • Noted! I didn't realize the watch could update Gadgetbridge's settings, that's rather handy. (I initially avoided this as I didn't want to have two separate collections of notification ignoring settings.)

    And sure thing! I understand this is a high risk area to mess with, and I'll keep an eye out for any other apps that trigger this issue.

    (I am surprised that the LineageOS system updater does not cause this given it frequently posts notification updates on download/installation progress. A quick glance at the source code doesn't find any setLocalOnly() calls.)