• Right now, while I'm typing this, I'm using the Polar H10 chest sensor (one of the most accurate non-medical devices) and bangle.js2 in the left wrist (firmware 2v17.113).

    Polar Beat (using H10): 60bpm
    Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor:
    Internal: 58bpm (confidence 96%)
    BT (H10): 60bpm (about one second lag updating to a new value compared with the Polar Beat app)

    Walking fast the internal sensor's reading is quite higher than the Polar H10, but running the internal is slower increasing the value and it tends to read lower). The values with H10 are always more stable, it doesn't fluctuate as much as bangle.js2. HR with H10 is consistent with the ECG data from the same H10 sensor, and my HR doesn't fluctuate as much as bangle.js2 shows. Bangle.js2 is more sensitive to movement (is BT Heart Rate Monitor using "running mode"?).

    All in all, to me the readings with the newer firmware versions seem good enough for an optical sensor.


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