• Your watch is not counting steps properly - it looks like something to do with the accelerometer.
    It is possible record a few minutes of accelerometer data so we can look at what is going on.
    We might have to try that next.

    Yes the step counter works off the accelerometer data. So does the movement measurement.

    Movement is something different. I have not looked at the code for movement - but I it will get triggered for any movement where as the step counter is looking for a regular sequence of cycles that match the normal pattern and timing of walking. Also the changes in g force back and forth have to be above a certain threshold. The threshold is quite sensitive but we seem to have it right as its been about 1-2 years since anyone had a problem with step counting.

    I spent a lof of time testing the step counter to work out how to make it work so I'm probably an expert on it.


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