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  • Hi! I just wanted to show off a new feature and hopefully get some feedback.

    We've had the Web IDE relay (to allow you to connect from your phone and run the IDE on your PC) for a while, but it's always been a bit rough around the edges (and used the server).

    I've come up with a new version that uses WebRTC, and even allows video streaming.

    To try it...

    • Go to­E/ (the development app loader)
    • Click connect up the top left
    • At the bottom left of the popup, click 🌐 Remote Connection
    • Scan the QR code with your Android phone/tablet/etc
    • On the phone, if you haven't connected with the Web IDE before, click top-left as before to 'remember' a device
    • The device will now magically appear as something you can connect to in the IDE
    • If you tap the webcam icon on the IDE in the phone then it'll enable the webcam and will stream the video to the background of the IDE on your PC - this could be really helpful if for example you're trying to help a friend out (or even just make a quick robot with a phone as the camera).

    You should be able to keep connecting and reconnecting via the IDE, to any paired device, so for example if you left an old Android phone at home you can then connect to any of your Espruino devices from anywhere in the world.

    You can also now use the Espruino CLI ( with the same connections using the --remote peer-id argument.

    I'm also working on an option in the app loader to allow the Web IDE to be used from a phone running Gadgetbridge.


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