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  • I have ghosting of the welcome screen too.
    Not sure if this is related: I also have problems with the screen not being cleared with clearRect.
    On the image, the second line from top should only have two seperated dots.
    In the bottom, the vertical lines are 15 px, the ckearRect is 36px so there should nit be any residues.
    The screen is only redrawn every 3 hours in that part. The top part is redrawn every 30 minutes.
    Probably a different issue though, I assume the ghosting is an electrical thing and I think at least on my device there is too much mechanical stress and tension on the screen, there is some uneven lighting that looks like the screen is pressed against the parts under the screen. I could not make a photo of this, is there a large IC or similar in the lower part under the screen? and a small ~3by3 mm square thing in the bottom left corner?
    The grafic residues in my app look more like a software problem though.

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