• That's an odd one, I'm surprised this came up. Although I seem to recall I may have experienced the odd flicker even with WS2811 - it could possibly be an interrupt thing.

    One thing you could try - before the neopixel library, the code we used for sending looked like:

    SPI1.setup({baud:3200000, mosi:B5});
    var arr = new Uint8Array(57*3);
    var pos = 0;
    function getPattern() {
      var c;
      for (var i=0;i<arr.length;i+=3) {
        c = 10+Math.sin((i+pos)*0.1324)+Math.sin((i+­pos)*0.1)+Math.sin(pos)*0.2;
        c = E.HSBtoRGB(c-(0|c),1,1);
        arr[i  ] = c;
        arr[i+1] = c>>8;
        arr[i+2] = c>>17; // blue too bright
    function onTimer() {
      SPI1.send4bit(arr, 0b0001, 0b0011); 
    setInterval(onTimer, 50);

    So I guess you could try SPI1.send4bit(arr, 0b0001, 0b0111); which should add 50% to the time for a '1' - and see if that helps


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