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  • setFontMono(bool)

    That seems like a good idea (maybe also add setFontMono(int width)?)


    That looks good. (and font packs could override Graphics.prototype.setFontSize)

    try and find a font that would display the given text in the area. It might be good for messages...

    On the one hand: that seems overly complicated. I think messages should just use a fixed size and handle overflow: that will happen anyway, and showing short messages in a larger font doesn't seem worth the hassle. (with variable character size, I think we'd need to "try all sizes until one fits", not sure that is a good idea¹)
    On the other hand: if authors really want to use it, we don't want apps to "roll their own" if Bangle could do it for them.

    ¹ even though I wrote that code myself, regretting it now 😉


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