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  • If you can get it to stop rebooting by connecting and resetting then it won't be an issue with the button - it'll be some software that's causing the reboot.

    Maybe connect with the Web IDE and enter Bangle.factoryReset() - that will erase everything and set it up as it came from us. Hopefully that'll fix it.

    You might want to try doing a backup from the App Loader first though if you have anything on there you want to keep.

  • Thanks for the reply. The factory reset worked and it rebooted, showed the Anton clock briefly then went back into the bootloop as if I'd held the button down. I can only stop the bootloop if I put it on charge when it shows the bangle splash screen. As soon as I try to boot in it returns to the loop as if I'm constantly holding the button.

    I guess it must have got some rain water in at some point.