• I have been trying to catch a hang bug I see very rarely with my Lato clock.
    I suspect that the problem is not down to Lato as the clock will run for days without issue
    I was trying the mitherm app yesterday and that went offpiste and I had to reset the watch - so it might be associated with that. Prior to installling that app everything had been fine for 10 days or so. Theat could just be clutching at straws as I dont have a reproducable test case for this problem yet - its very random and rare.

    Last night I woke up at 5Am and noticed the clock said it was 2:37am - ie the hang had occurred.

    This morning I managed to retrieve the log.txt file and can see the following.

    The question is, what caused the MEMORY_BUSY ? and did that corrupt the app code ?

     ____                 _ 
    |  __|___ ___ ___ _ _|_|___ ___ 
    |  __|_ -| . |  _| | | |   | . |
    |____|___|  _|_| |___|_|_|_|___|
             |_| espruino.com
     2v16.93 (c) 2021 G.Williams
    [JInterpreter error: [ 
    New interpreter error: MEMORY_BUSY
    [J-> Bluetooth
    <- Terminal
    [JUncaught Error: Font bitmap must be a String
     at line 3 col 8328 in lato.app.js
    ...NDg0="),25+(scale<<8)+(1<<16));return­ this;
    in function "setFontLatoSmall" called from line 3 col 8784 in lato.app.js
    in function "draw" called from line 9 col 643 in clock_info
    in function "drawItem" called from line 9 col 2867 in clock_info
    in function "redraw" called from line 3 col 8602 in lato.app.js
    in function "draw" called from line 3 col 8690 in lato.app.js
    in function called from system
    [J-> Bluetooth

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