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  • As other have said, this looks like the button is stuck down. Does it still 'click' when you press it?

    How old was this 'new' Bangle? I know some of the very first ones had button issues, but pretty much anything since the KickStarter batch should have been a lot better.

    It may be that just wobbling the button will 'unstick' it, but leaving it to try out just in case would be a good start. Water/sweat from exercise really shouldn't be a problem as the button does have a rubber o-ring seal inside it.

    Can this watch be taken apart? I may have better luck if I can reach the PCB and clean it directly.

    It can be, but a bit like an iPhone - it needs the display heating a bit (but not too much!) so the glue softens and then pulling off. There's at least one thread on it here but it's quite a tricky thing to do and if you heat the display too much you can break it.

    If you can it'd be best to see what can be done without opening it up :)


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