• Well I'm off to a great start! I installed the battery connected to the device then used the IDE to turn the lights on and off. The IDE said there was a new firmware for my Puck 2.1a so I followed the instructions. Downloaded the zip for the Puck then used the IDE to install the firmware that was downloaded, I put the device in the bootloader mode (green light on, pushing the button when putting the battery in). The I paired with the device "Dfu...." (something like this). that's when I got an error saying the device was not in a valid state AND now the Puck is dead... If I just put the battery in nothing happens. If I put the batter in and hold the button for any amount of time (I've tried a couple dozen times at this point) all I get is a Green LED and I can't connect.

    Any help? I had a super simple project I wanted simply turning a LED on when motion was detected and now I'm dead in the water. Haven't even had a chance to play with it for more than an hour :(


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