• Hi All,

    I have experienced one of my Apps hanging every few days. The time freezes but a reload of the app (short button press). This got me thinking if there was a way to capture the console output when not connect via Bluetooth.

    The Settings/Utils/Debug option has three options: Hide, Show, Log.

    1. Hide means disabled
    2. Show displays the debug messages on the watch screen (i guess it has some use, but only if there is only a few messages)
    3. Log displays on the screen and logs to log.txt

    There is no option to log but not to show on the screen.
    Also it appears that the debug messages are the ones from the firmware.
    I have tested and it does not look like console.log('xxxx') output is sent to log.txt

    I think it would be really useful to have that happen so that output that would get displayed if connected to the IDE would get logged. Apprecaite that log.txt accumulates and this could be an issue if it consumes the storage - but it has to be the owners responsibility to enable/disable the logging as required.

    What do others think ?


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